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Successful marketing gurus rely on conventional techniques that every textbook on marketing contains. However, they also implement unique methods that help them attract more audience and keep it hooked for longer periods of time.
If your intention is to maintain an effective online marketing campaign, then you are aware of the importance of superb content, proper interaction with the followers, and a clear schedule of posting. However, there are some things. We can draw some conclusions by close observation of their practices.

This list of 10 unconventional online marketing techniques will help you enhance your own efforts!
Set realistic plans

The online world is pretty open for startups and new concepts. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll achieve incredible success as soon as you launch your marketing campaign. Your goals should be realistic; otherwise you’ll get disappointed by the unsatisfactory results you achieve during your beginnings.
How many people need the product/service you promote? Where does your target audience hang out? When you have all that information, you can visualize a realistic plan. Marketing geniuses are humbler than you think. That’s why they are able to surprise themselves with the outcome.
You don’t need to be present on every social media network

Examine the preferences of your target audience. For example, book nerds are more likely to be present on Tumblr than Instagram. You’ll find makeup addicts on Pinterest and Instagram, but you will hardly find a trace of them at LinkedIn.
If you tried to maintain active profiles on all networks, the campaign would consume more time than necessary. Sooner or later, you’ll lose the initial enthusiasm and you’ll end up with forgotten profiles all over the web. Analyze the behavior of your audience and create profiles on the right social media websites.
Be in trend with the latest technologies

An expert is always willing to try new technologies. If, for example, your official website is not mobile-ready, you’ll stay behind the competition that follows the trends. Analyze Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mac, or any other global brand and you’ll notice one thing: their marketing experts are always the first to implement the latest technology. Somehow they know which tools work and which ones need more experimentation and advancement. When you develop that sense, you’ll be able to transform your marketing strategy as new trends hit the market.
Don’t focus on the number of your followers or fans

Purchasing followers and fans on social media networks is just wrong. Do not focus on the number; take the engagement into consideration. Yes, a greater number adds credibility to the page and makes you more popular, but you have to obtain those fans through actual efforts. A relatively small community of potential buyers is better than million followers who are not even interested in your products and services.
Alternative traffic channels are important

We all know that Google is the main source of traffic. Does that mean you should focus your online marketing campaign solely on the Google ranking?
If you want to bring more visitors to your site, you should think about reaching influencers, offer guest posts on blogs, organize social media groups, sending promotional email messages, and relying on affiliate marketing methods.
Expand your content
You thought that marketing gurus relied on proven techniques that always work in practice? Nope; they constantly experiment! Try to present information in different ways. If you add diversity to the content, your audience will be more amused. Create infographics, presentations, whitepapers, podcasts, short videos, listicles, and everything else you can think of.
Become recommended by local celebrities
You probably know that Avon has expanded its network of multi-level marketing across the world. Here is something you didn’t know: they base their marketing strategy upon the interests of the local audience, so they commonly include regional celebrities in the campaigns. That’s smart!
Instead of dreaming about getting your products and services promoted by a global celebrity, think local! Analyze the local newspapers and reach out to a positive personality that everyone loves. Find a way to include them in your marketing campaign and ask them to spread the word about your business.
An online business always relies on your offline activity
Develop a strong offline presence by promoting your brand with cards, cheap TV, radio and newspaper ads, and gifts for your customers. Free coffee cups and T-shirts are a small investment for your business, but they make your clients happy. You’ll appreciate the online feedback you get by this seemingly unnoticeable campaign.
Don’t be afraid to look stupid
There are plenty of marketing tools and methods that enable you to build better connection with the audience and boost the online presence of your brand. Instead of waiting for recommendations, don’t be afraid to experiment and follow your instincts.
The risks won’t always be successful. You’ll certainly make mistakes, but the good thing is that you can learn from them.
Never give up
You might spend months on your online marketing campaign without achieving considerable results. That doesn’t mean you are allowed to give up on it.
Online marketing requires tons of time and commitment. What’s the most important thing that gurus won’t tell you? They’ve had their share of disappointment. The factor that made them successful was perseverance!

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