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Why Investors ask for the Team Details?

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Founder & CEO

No Business is successful unless they have complete teams and not just great team members.
While starting a #Startup, you must check if you are covering all the 4 quadrants –  Business Development & Strategy, Accounting & Fund Raising, Operations & Customer Service, Technology & Systems
If you know the core strengths and weaknesses of each team member including the Founders and Senior officials, you are going to get Exceptional Teams.
While you can figure out where people are good at, but it is always beneficial to know your Core MindSet, Personality & Behavior and assess your current SkillSets and monitor it as per the job role requirements.
Let us about Mr. ANSHAV Jain journey since reception?
I’m Mr. Anshav Jain, Founder of www.BringleAcademy.com and have setup 4 companies including a section 8 company, 3+ Tech Portals, 5+ Brands & Campaigns with a presence in 10+ Global locations in last 5 years of Collaborative Entrepreneurship journey. Developing various Technology platforms in segments like Finance & Investments, Real Estate, Education & Career, Travel & Shopping, Health& Wellness.
I firmly believe in Giving Back to Society and that’s why we are working towards Child Education, Women Empowerment & Men’s Rights. Currently various programs being conducted for HouseWives Development Programs, Specially Abled Child Employability Programs, Rural Talent Identification & Development and finding their own place for the School DropOuts.
After completing my engineering from Delhi College of Engineering (Delhi University) and MBA in Marketing and Finance from Symbiosis (Pune University), I have worked with an array of companies of all sizes and stages in different segments of the business and corporate world in last 15 years. A business professional and an Collaborative Entrepreneur with an experience in Sales & Marketing, Finance management (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization.
I am also a seasoned project management professional and have lead various business projects and programs in the field of operational efficiency that drives top and bottom line growth, enabled Technology, Automation & Analytics, delivered varied trainings topics with the project teams in corporate houses and with various levels of Management.
In this career span, I have successfully delivered projects that brought profitability close to $100 MM USD for the organizations.

What`s motivate you to setup such a wonderful Institution?
Considering the Global Skills Crisis we are facing today and India alone is looking to upskill 50MM individuals by 2020 and School dropouts numbers are increasing day by day and are at 50% globally. Even the Corporates are struggling with the right skillsets and as per the Harvard study, 80% of Employee turnover is happening due to Bad Hiring Decisions.
Current Problems being faced by Individuals & Corporates
Individuals and Corporates are unaware about the skills sets required & available for a particular job, leading to wrong decisions under business pressures.
There are no programs available which can develop an individual holistically and also monitor the training effectiveness. Infact most of the times, individuals take a more than required time to decide for a learning program as they are not very sure if that program will excel their career. Sometimes, even after the completion of the program they are not aware if they have been benefited or have upgraded their skills.
Certificates can only prove that an individual might know the content but the required training effectiveness comes from application (Skills), which requires different kinds of tests or environment.
There is a considerable gap between requirement for talent and availability of the same. The challenge is to match the right skills sets. If there is a system available which can evaluate the skills and inborn talents of any Individual at an early stage, up-skill them in the same area where they could be best and then place them with the corporate at the right place then this realignment would benefit the whole system.
Corporates are struggling with High Learning Curve from 3 months to 2 years and increasing Recruitment & Learning Cost and is in the range of 50% to 200% of the CTC of an employee.

What are the core areas ,Where you were working in the field of education and skills development?
We believe that an individual goes through various career phases in life, and can be hit by a career crisis at any stage:
Starting Crisis – Individuals who needs guidance to choose the right career opportunity, ones who doesn’t know ‘what, where and how’ to start.
MidLife Crisis – Individuals who have already achieved something in their life and now look forward for reflection and reassessment
Restart Crisis – Individuals who have taken a gap in their professional life such as housewives or the ones who have completed all their responsibilities and they want to do something that gives them sense of being valued, such as retired senior citizens
Bringle believes in ’Learning Never Stops’, thus our courses are available for all age groups, be it housewives, senior citizens, working executives, or a child of any age. Bringle has a program for everyone. Additionally, we believe in empowering our learners, by providing opportunities for corporate placements, second income jobs and work-from-home options.
We at Bringle Academy – www.BringleAcademy.com has identified a methodology to identify an Individual’s talents and skillsets very precisely just with your fingerprints, upksill them as per their learning acquiring methods and ultimately place them in the domains or jobs as per their inborn talents rather than struggling in the wrong career and support them where they can give their best at an affordable cost.

We have already provided part or full solutions to 650+ educational institutions and corporates.
Bringle uses advanced technology to make learning interesting and easier. It actively provides various skill development programs, such as Hard Skills, Soft Skills and Life Skills, which improves creative and logical thinking, decision making ability, as well as benefits that can be noticed in many functions of a daily life.
Bringle Academy have the expertise to help you gain your learning with our Learning Management System and Blended Learning Programs, thus making the entire process of learning-‘simple’. At the end of the process our students are successfully certified with guaranteed placement assistance.
Bringle is an end-to-end collaboration platform wherein we are inviting trainers and experts from different fields and providing a platform to showcase their strengths thus, creating both eLearning and Instructor led courses.
Concepts are tagged at a very specific level which allows the platform to make custom recommendations based on student’s proficiency and needs. This is achieved through SkillsMeter, where a SkillsSpot has already been identified, thus aiming exactly on the defined skills of an individual.
Bringle offers home access to students via apps/web and a value education curriculum in addition to the existing classroom training and, planning and assessment solutions. Along with focusing on performance, Bringle offers actionable feedback.
What are your suggestion for youth regarding his career?
We at “BRINGLE” strongly believe that every human being is born with an Inborn Talent and Multiple Intelligence. And if one is able to identify his/her Inborn Talent then he/she can build upon it and can surely excel in life. However, most people fail to identify their Inborn Talent due to which they take wrong decision in selecting their career and extra-curricular activities. This SkillsProfileanalysis will clearly highlight your inborn Talent, multiple intelligences, preferred learning style, and level of various quotients, personality trait and behavior, your strength & weaknesses and also the way to develop the desired intelligence. This analysis disclose the inborn qualities however over a period of time with great efforts one can acquire the desired skills but then there will not be a great difference between inborn and acquired.
According to Dr. Albert Einstein, everyone is a Genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is a stupid. We urge you to understand that everyone has a different ability or particular talent. Often, comparing yourself to someone else’s abilities might mean overlooking what it is you are naturally more suited towards doing. In other words, stop being a fish trying to climb a tree and embrace your fishiness. The point is that we’re not all made to be theoretical physicists. Aim for what you’re good at, work hard for what you want, and don’t beat yourself up when you can’t do everything perfectly.
Follow a 3 Step processfor guaranteed Success
Change MindSet
Hone SkillSets
Achieve Excellence
Change Mindset – Move away from the Herd Mentality, Know more about your Own Brain Profile, Personality & Behavior, CurrentSkillSets before following somebody randomly
Hone SkillSets – Assess your current Skillsets, acquire more knowledge and monitor progress and keep yourself informed about yourself.
Achieve Excellence – Apply the acquired SkillSets at the Right Place and achieve guaranteed Success. This will not only give you gratification but will constantly drive you to learn more and more.
Tell us about future expansion plans?
We are working with various Universities and Colleges across India and 10+ Global Locations to replace SkillsProfile with Resumes which will help the system as “Right People with Right Skills at the Right Place”
Also, reaching out to Corporates for making SkillsProfile a mandatory aspect for monitoring current skillsets of an employee and get one for every new employee they are recruiting for any position targeting to reach 1% of 3 Billion Individuals globally (in the next 5 Years) looking for jobs or starting up their own startup.
We are currently focusing on our #BeASkillsChamp National Competition (Multi Skill Olympiad) for Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutes, NGOs, HR consultants, Corporates or any institution who are working with any Learner or Job Seeker.
The overall plan for #BeASkillsChamp competition is depicted here and we would be launching this initiative every year and the first SkillsChamp batch would start in June 2018 on the First Ever End to End SkillTech Platform developed by Bringle Academy
• First Screening–Nationwide Online Test on our platform –www.BringleAcademy.com
• Second Screening – Controlled Test through our affiliated Skill Development Centres or in your institute.
• Final Competition–Would be coordinated through Premier Institutes like IITs, IIMs, DCE etc. or through our Skills Development centres.
SkillsChamp Certificates would be provided to all these students.
• Award Ceremony–100 SkillsChamps (First Batch) would be felicitated with a SkillsChamp Trophy by a National Leader under the Skill India Movement initiative through our network of Skill Development Centres)
SkillsChamp Program–These SkillsChamps who are at the transition phase from campus to corporate would be Sponsored for their Trainings & Certifications, Placements. SkillsChamps would also get an opportunity to work with Industry Leaders in their areas of expertise to create e-Learning modules for our platform – www.BringleAcademy.com and would get Royalty Income on each sale.
Not only this, all the participants would get a FREE Career Guidance with detailed SkillsProfile –
www.BringleAcademy.com/SkillsProfile/ (worth Rs.5000/) developed for them as below which they can use it either for Jobs or Higher Education. We are already deploying this program in various colleges like Xaviers, Patkaretc and management colleges like IBS, Symbiosis, SP Jain, NMIMS, ITM etc and helping students in their placements or internships.

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