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Five young teams win Block Covid, a global startup challenge. Indian Edtech startup Kidzpreneur gets roped in to bring their ideas to reality

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The pandemic has revolutionized the education ecosystem globally.The current generation is witnessing an unprecedented event which has caused staggering economic and social challenges globally. This new normal calls for an urgent need to equip students with not only basic education but also life skills to embrace themselves with challenges in the real world. Kidzpreneur, an Indian Edtech startup, with its unique transformative learning mechanism aims to develop more aware and conscious future thought leaders. This has caught attention of global groups such as BLOCK COVID Initiative which recently ran a global program for children to solve challenges for the new world in times of the current pandemic. They sought partnership with Kidzpreneur for supporting their winners whilst helping them understand and create viable businesses out of their selected ideas.

Since its inception, Kidzpreneur is working on providing a unique and transformative learning platform for students from age 10 onwards, enabling them to understand the current global crisis and to foresee future challenges in their lives. The idea is to make them self-aware of their thoughts, choices and how they can impact others while imbibing qualities like empathy, creativity, team work, design thinking etc. and not fear failure.

Kidzpreneur through its innovative programs has created quite a buzz in the global startup arena. Block Covid, a startup challenge run by Global shapers community partnered with Kidzpreneur to coach their 5 winning teams and support their ideas to spread awareness and bring in change about Covid19.

“We, at Kidzpreneur, believe that that the young minds should get opportunities to work on global problems. Sometimes, we need a fresh start and an idea to drive that change. The youth today is more aware and positive to make their mark. We also strongly believe in the youth taking charge, coming up with solutions to deal with problems and playing an active role in shaping the future. Our programs are designed to help the young entrepreneurs create their footprint with their ideas while making them more feasible.Therefore, we were approached by the BLOCK COVID Initiative for support in achieving their goals to bring their ideas to reality,” said Amit Mishra, Co-founder, Kidzpreneur.

“Kidzpreneur believes in hands-on learning and creating an environment which is important to implement simulations or real-time scenarios coupled with gamification of critical management lessons for effective learning. This is achieved with a sound amalgamation of technology and creative ideas to improve on learning that students can practice in the real world too. There would many more such global partnerships with us in the new normal period,” he added.

Kidzpreneur learnings are a blend of activity-based hours including real interaction with entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and ecosystem players to help learn from industry stalwarts at a young age. Kidzpreneur team crafts the ideas of students into more validated business plans with training, mentoring, insights and provides any other additional entrepreneurial assistance to bring ideas to life. With a wide sphere of influence, Kidzpreneur has students from India, Taiwan, HongKong, USA and the Philippines.

Projects such as an Online Museum for Cultural Exchange and Online Tutoring for students with special learning needs by the students, for the students, were among the winning ideas. Kidzpreneur primarily focuses on transformative development in education using an entrepreneurial mindset and technology. The founders believe that development of life skills and cognitive thinking is important at an early age.

As Kidzpreneur focuses on transformative development in education, the Global Shapers were in perfect alignment with it for training support. The community of Global Shapers comprises of a network of young people who have the desire to drive dialogue, action and change.

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