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Law is becoming a popular course among science students

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In India, we do believe that once you are a science graduate you can pursue any career that you dream of and you’d get a highly paid job, irrespective of whether you are an engineer or doctor. This may not hold its ground in the present scenario.  The truth is that at the beginning of this century, there was a great boom in the tech industry and it was a great time to pursue engineering. But, it might not reap you the same benefits as other new age career options available to us

 It is also generally believed that the topper of the batch must choose Science after their 10th standard. This is because of the false sense of belief that you can be successful and mint money only if you are a Science graduate. It is also generally believed that only a science student has the opportunity of studying and working abroad.

But, if we look at the opportunities a law graduate gets, while pursuing law and even after graduation, they outweigh any other career option. If we talk about options while pursuing law, a law student is exposed to public speaking starting from their 1st semester of law school. One is supposed to give presentations in front of their classmates and teachers, for which students are awarded marks. They are supposed to do empirical and non empirical research in every semester. Students in the first year are exposed to moot courts, where the students get great exposure of arguing in front of a judge, know how do the courts function and learn court mannerisms. There are National and International Moot Court Competitions where students represent their Law School. 

Apart from this, students write research papers and present them at various law schools in the country and abroad as well. So, there are endless opportunities to go abroad for various academic and non academic purposes which include Moots, Debate Competitions, Cultural and Sporting events.

Once you graduate, you have endless options at your disposal. For instance, you can choose to join a law firm and be the real life Harvey Specter and Mike Ross or you can choose judiciary as your career and appear for Judiciary exams and enjoy exclusive government perks. If you’re looking for international opportunities, then as a law graduate you could be a part of any of the following international bodies: WIPO, Red Cross, WHO, UN, UNICEF among others.

If you want to play a part in saving and conserving environment or protect natural habitat of wild animals, you could do wonders to the cause if you are a law graduate. A prime example for this is Advocate MC Mehta, one of the stalwarts of Environmental Law who dedicated his entire life for the protection of environment and hence, to this day he remains one of the most sought after environment lawyers in the country. He has been part of numerous landmark judgments which have helped shape environmental law in our country. 

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